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Flat Rate: Call for pricing:


* MLS listing* including:

  • Photos

  • Room measurements

  • Descriptive listing


* Broker FOR SALE sign in yard


*  Agent Access (email/text)


* Lockbox provided for agent showings


* Exposure on Internet sites such as,
   Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo, etc.


*When an offer is received, I assist with
   negotiations until your home is SOLD!


** Want a flyer box out front?  We rent them!


 **CMA available for $100.


* MLS listing is for 6 months.

Full Service at 6%:


Includes EVERYTHING in the FLAT Rate PLUS:

* CMA included at no charge

* Comprehensive Marketing Plan


* Color Flyers displayed in a flyer box


* Feedback on each showing


* Open House every two months


* Agent Access 24/7


* I set up inspections


* I assist in setting up the closing


* I advertise your home to prospective buyers


* I don’t get paid until your home is SOLD!